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A Wipe We Like (+ Others That Aren't Our Type)

A Wipe We Like (+ Others That Aren't Our Type)

It’s “Labor Day Week” and you, me and virtually everyone we know is about to take some much-deserved end of summer (sob) down-time.

But maybe your version of down-time includes exertion of some sort? Whether it’s indoors (yoga, spinning, etc.) or outdoors (running, golfing, tennis-ing, etc.), you might have plans to actually move your damn bod during the days surrounding America’s annual LD celebration.

But even if you have zero formal fitness plans, and you’re just kind of ambling from one tiki bar to the next, giant plastic sippy cup in hand, this is Florida, so you’re bound to get a little hot, sticky and less-than-fresh.

Enter my new favorite beauty discovery, one that I paid for with own hard-earned buckaroos: YUNI Shower Sheets.

Oh my lordy. I can’t say enough good things about these individually wrapped “Large Body Wipes.”

I nabbed a box on a recent trip to Target and threw a handful in my tennis bag. That same week, after a grueling three-setter with my gal pals, I busted one out in the locker room of our Racquet Club. The plan was a quick shirt-change and a smidge of primping before heading to our onsite pub (and home away from home), The Baseline Bistro.

How do I describe the scent? It’s not easy, let me tell you.

Yes, it’s fresh. But not in that artificial “ocean” way that’s popular with beach-themed candles you’d find at, say, TJ Maxx.

Specifically, these giant, alcohol-free wipes are infused with neem, peppermint and citrus. So good.

From the side of the box:

“We created YUNI to share healthy solutions from nature that save time, enhance performance and relieve stress - so active people who pursue life with passion can find more joy in every moment.” - Emmanuel Rey & Suzanne Dawson

My love affair with YUNI Shower Sheets quickly led to a full-on wipe-out.

Even though part of me was nervous about destroying the planet with all these destined-for-a-landfill babies, I started scooping up other types of wipes right and left. And on two recent back-to-back trips to NYC, I packed no fewer than four kinds.

In addition to the YUNI - which are biodegradable, btw - I tossed four others in my “washbag” (as the Brits call it):

1. Neutrogena naturals purifying makeup remover cleansing towelettes: Ooh, I just read on the Neutrogena website that these are crafted from “renewable sources” so we can “feel good about using them.” Merci, Neutrogena, I do feel like a little less of a planet-destroyer now. I’d still rather use micellar water on a cotton pad to remove my makeup, but these are definitely more travel-friendly.

2. Secret Body Cleansing Wipes: In all honesty, I tried these for the sole reason that they’re considerably cheaper than my precious YUNI. But they’re also considerably smaller than my precious YUNI. Great in a pinch when you’re desperate, but don’t expect to be able to freshen up your entire bod.

3. Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Insect Repellent Towelettes: Ever since I moved to FL five years ago, these have been my ride or die gnarly-bug-bite preventors. THEY WORK LIKE A CHARM. They’re huge, so they cover a lot of real estate. They’re convenient, obvi, because you can stash ‘em anywhere. They go on really wet, so you know exactly which body parts of have been hit and which haven’t. And most importantly, they’re non-aerosol, so you’re not breathing in all that pesticide. I’m terrified of all aerosols, including sunscreen. More on that in another post….

4. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipe 4-In-1: Um, this was a fail, but mostly because I paid so much money for them. The backstory: I was on a super-fun trip to New England in July with my hubby and daughter, and a newly revitalized and spiffy-clean Boston was one of our stops. When I spotted the legendary clean beauty store Follain, I had to pop in. And because I can almost never go to a small boutique-type store without feeling like I should buy something, I plopped these puppies on the sales counter and up popped the price: $25 for $20. They claim to do four things: cleanse, exfoliate, soothe + hydrate. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t feel like they did any of that particularly well. And when you think of it, those four functions are pretty much polar opposites of each other. How do you cleanse and exfoliate while soothing and hydrating? Counter-intuitive, my friend. But you live and you learn, right? Besides, it wasn’t all downside. Follain is awesome, and Boston rocks.

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