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The Genius Tool That Helps You Self-Tan Your Back Like A Champ

The Genius Tool That Helps You Self-Tan Your Back Like A Champ

Admittedly, I am horrible at applying self-tanner. I mean baaaaaaaaaaad. 

That's why I get a little actually tan. And during the 'winter' down here - and I use that term very loosely - I also opt for leg makeup. I've sung the praises of wash-off leg makeup in a previous blog post, so if you're curious about my many fave formulas + product recos, have a little looky look

Still, I know leg makeup isn't for everyone. And 'actually tanning' shouldn't be for anyone. There's this little thing called skin cancer, people, and it's very, very real. 

So what are your options if you want a little coluh? Let's map that out. 

1. You can get a booth spray tan. I used to be addicted to those when I lived in New York, until I connected the dots between my weekly Sunday-night sesh and feeling really, really shitty afterward. Finally it dawned on me that I was breathing-in millions of micro-particles of not-great stuff and I stopped. Better to be pasty pale, I thought, than possibly on my way to some horrible lung disease.

(Wow - I just totally harshed on booth spray tans, didn't I? I would say I'm sorry for that, but I'm kinda not. I just don't think they're healthy. If the Booth Spray Tan Coalition of the United States of America would like to write to me to plead their case, please feel free to do so. I'm a principled beauty journalist in fine standing...)

2. You can get a pro spray tan. I've only had a few of these, and they were all comped by the stellar British self-tan brand St. Tropez because I was the Beauty Director at Brides at the time. It's a spendy proposition, but soooo worth it - particularly for a special occasion. Having a professional aim her spray tan gun at you gives utterly primo results, with the added bonus of not inhaling a huge gust of chemicals. Highly recommended if your budget allows. 

3. You can DIY. If you live in The Sunshine State (and I'm guessing you do; it's the core demographic for this here itty bitty blog), it would be super-genius of you to get really good at what the French call 'auto-bronzing.' Think of all the possibilities! You'd be golden year-round, and never freaked-out if it's 'winter' and the temperature suddenly soars and you need to peel off a few layers and show some skin. But much more importantly, you'd be protecting yourself from A) wrinkles + age spots and B) cancer. Win-win, babe.

After that rambling - but hopefully helpful? - intro, I would now like to unveil the genius tool that will make DIY-ing about 1000 times easier, as well as something else that will also make DIY-ing about 1000 times easier. Combined, that's 2000 times easier! Get on board!

FYI, both are by the also-stellar 'auto-bronzant' brand Xen-Tan

The first is the aptly named Hard to Reach back applicator, which comes with five replacement foam pads and can be used with any formula of self-tanner (lotion, mousse, mist).



The second is the not-as-aptly-named Blending Balm, the primary role of which is to block self-tanner from the spots you don't want it to reach, like the palms of your hands. Yes, yes you can also use it to 'smooth and blend self-tan edges,' but I would deploy it as more of a blocker than a blender. And if ran Xen-Tan, I would change the name to Blocking Balm. But I don't run Xen-Tan. I run my own life. And I need to run out the door to Bible Study right now, so here's a pic of this super-useful blocking / blending aid to auto-bronzing.

TTYL, ladies. 



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