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The Eyes Have It: Products + Pros For Youthifying Your Peepers in Fort Myers

The Eyes Have It: Products + Pros For Youthifying Your Peepers in Fort Myers

Just off McGregor Boulevard, you’ll discover the Real Housewives of Fort Myers at this chic destination, where busy gals juggling careers and kids get a lift in the most literal sense from the city’s top beauty pros. 

Bravo - are you listening? RHOFM would be a hit and Florida Beauty Problems could so help you cast this!

First, a bit of background…

A few weeks ago, after getting an early medical appointment out of the way, I headed to Ft. Myers to visit my pal Amy for lunch. Arriving early, I decided to tag along during her lash touch-up appointment with esthetician Danielle Leatherwood at the Parisian-inspired Mes Amies Medical Spa. 

We pulled into this discreetly located facility just as her pal Susy (who would later meet us for lunch), was leaving after her own lash touch-up appointment. This gave me a chance to ooh and ahh while she fluttered her newly revived lashes.

True confession: I’ve always been pea green over Amy’s full and oh so natural-looking lashes. The first few times we met via work then play, I had no idea they were Xtreme extensions. 

But keeping this look requires diligent maintenance and a hefty bank balance. Your first visit with Danielle will run upwards of $250. Re-lashing is required every two - three weeks, taking about an hour and costing $75 - $100. 

In the meantime…

While Amy was tucked away with Danielle, I played around with makeup and skincare products (ZO Skin Health/Obagi, Eminence Organics, SkinCeuticals, Jane Iredale, DefenAge and more). Getting a bit bored after 30 minutes or so (the spa’s WiFi is a no-go), I started chatting with staffer Angella Benson, MSN, ARNP.

More importantly, she’s also an NP-C which means “board certified aesthetics nurse practitioner” whose Premiere Aesthetics practice within Mes Amies specializes in non-invasive medical aesthetics. 

I casually queried what she would do to improve my look if budget wasn’t an issue, and she started listing her recommended procedures and prices. 

Ask and ye shall receive: after the sixth or so suggestion, it was like Charlie Brown’s teacher speaking…a tad overwhelming and just a bit disconcerting.

Attempting a different approach, I boldly asked: “What can you do for $200?” A few units of Botox was her response, a treatment I haven’t indulged in for more than a year, since visiting my pal Dr. Richard Palu in NYC.

Angella then escorted me into her office and proceeded to take the most unflattering, blackmail-worthy “before” photograph.

Next, she asked me to scrunch my face for targeting where the injections would work best.

Angella’s approach was quite unique. To quell the pain of the injections (I am a big baby) she used a tiny golden roller over the area. It was a pretty cool tool and distracted me.

Four days later, colleagues remarked how well-rested I appeared after my three-day weekend.

I’ll never divulge - to them anyway — that it was all because of Angella and her masterful technique. If she wasn’t 90+ minutes away, she’d be on speed dial. 

Given how Amy and Susy are my age give or take a year — yet look at least a decade+ younger — you might want to tap the Mes Amies team for a consult on their slew of facials and whole-body therapeutic treatments. Call them at 239.791.7867.


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