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Plus-Sized Swim Looks We Love - And Why

Plus-Sized Swim Looks We Love - And Why

We loved seeing so many curvy women all over the Swim Week runways, but didn't exactly heart some of the X-rated looks they were rolling up in. Btw, we're against major vag and boobs for everyone, no matter size or age.

But since we've already posted about that here, and have never addressed the plus-sized market, we thought we'd put together some "keep it classy" guidelines for anyone with a fuller figure.

FYI, that cute runway look may never make it to your favorite stores. The catwalk is all about show, razzle dazzle and social media, while FBP is all about the real way to rock a look. 

Yours Truly knows of which she speak. Senior year of high school, I contracted an ailment which required a bland white diet (chicken, bananas, rice) and meds that packed on the pounds. Subsequently attending a women’s college didn’t help, where milk and cookies were served nightly before bedtime. I graduated weighing 170 lbs (size 12-14) and didn’t permanently lose the weight until my late 20s, while working at a prestigious fashion PR firm whose owner literally requested I drop a few sizes. Back in the day, it was a perfectly legal ask when working in an image-driven job, where I peddled my high-fashion and swimwear clients to editors at the big deal women's magazines. She needed me to look the part.

Ladies, I feel for you.

Btw, I hate the term plus-size. To misquote Gertrude Stein, size is a size is a size.

General Advice

Similar to scheduling a bra fitting appointment, set aside 40 minutes and head to Everything But Water (21 Florida stores) or a dedicated specialty swimwear boutique near you. This time of year makes it easier to access personalized service before the craziness of snowbird season hits our Florida cities. On that note: If you’re a snowbird who just happens to be making an off-season visit, you’ve already gleaned that Florida shops have more swimwear options than northern stores. 

Department stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s may have ample selections, but it’s really tricky to find that high level of service and knowledge. And while you can use a complimentary personal shopper at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, 2018 selections may be limited this time of year as they’re just starting to ship - super inconvenient as late August is a popular vacation time.

Shopping Tips

For Rocking It

By The Water

1. Consider Your Calendar: Are you traveling? Going on a cruise? You'll need a few suits and cover-ups that you feel gorgeous wearing.

2. Focus On The Most Stylish Brands: These include the gorgeous suit in our photo from Becca Etc, plus La Blanca and Miraclesuit. I'm sharing this because while the ladies who work at EBW are fab fitters, not every gal there is a fashion expert and might steer you toward a tankini or bold prints. And you know how FBP feels about that if you’ve read this previous post.

3. Prepare To Spend: The most comfortable and flattering fabrics are expensive. And if you find a suit you absolutely love, perhaps splash-out on two or three. Swimsuit shopping probably ranks among the worst experiences for women of every size. Why do more of it than you have to? 

4. Lean Heavily Toward Classic Cuts: If you’ve read FBP’s previous posts, you’ll know that a classic mâillot always works.

5. Already Have A Great Suit? Bring It With You: This will help your sales assistant find suits with similar cuts and characteristics, saving you oodles of precious pool time. 

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