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Are You Ready For Florida’s DD (Double Deodorant) Days?

Are You Ready For Florida’s DD (Double Deodorant) Days?

What’s a DD Day, you ask? Cleverly coined by my pal Audrey Puente, Good Day New York’s meteorologist, it’s an indicator of needing a double dose of deodorant for steamy hot weather.

A cute premise, yet I’ll say right off the bat that no dermatologist recommends applying DD; it’s not effective and kinda redundant.

But if it gives you confidence, who cares?

Granted, every day between June and October in Florida has DD Day potential. But September is really the worst when it comes to heat and humidity. 

My first summer here, I didn’t know that. Naively, I assumed Labor Day’s arrival would cool things off, like it did up North.

Alas, my new gal pals in Naples shared that despite the days getting shorter, it’s icky-sticky 24-7. 

A not-so-fun fact: in Florida, September is peak time when the recipe for hurricane conditions — a combination of warm, humid wind over tropical water — hits its heights. Prepping for Dorian in this neck of the woods required 10 stops for water (finally found at a bodega for $10 a case) plus six stations for gas during real feel days of 102.

Not-so-lucky us: everyone has Sweaty Betty potential.

A few years ago, after reading Dana’s genius Wall Street Journal story on natural deodorants, I swapped my antiperspirant and its sweat-stopping ingredients for Notox, a $13 “find” at Pasadena’s farmers market. 

My first application was disastrous; it didn’t slide on much less adhere to my skin, resulting in a chalky-gunky mess on my body and the floor below. Warming the tube on successive tries didn’t help either, so I tossed it.

I so wanted to go natural, channeling Goldilocks during the year when trying several artisanal brands and a few commercial ones, sometimes with success, other times resulting in pit problemos.

Given it’s an optimal time to go sleeveless, who wants an uncomfortably itchy rash mucking up your look?

Dear Reader, do you really want to spend beaucoup bucks on deodorants that don’t work?

Results Of

My Deodorant

Deep Dive

All products below were purchased in stick form, and are free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances. Here ya go:

  1. A promo buy from Naples Soap Company, which worked great and smelled divine. When I went to buy it again, it was discontinued. 😢 While tempted to splurge $10 on their latest iteration, none of the scents appeal to me.

  2. Spotting a sale on high-end Agent Nateur HOLI Rose, marked down from $26 to $6 at Philip Douglas, I bought two. With fragrance layering in mind, it worked perfectly with my heavenly REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash. The first stick was high-performance; the second stick caused a rash. My only guess is that the non-gmo, food-grade ingredients turned.

  3. Schmidt’s Charcoal-Magnesium ($5 at Target) is a dark grey that doesn’t appear that way on your skin when applied. It works as well as antiperspirant without the scary ingredients. A tip: be extra careful to allow enough atop the stick so you don’t chafe your skin on the plastic container. #lessonlearned

  4. Last, I tried — and am STICKing with — Essentials by Arm + Hammer ($3.50). Click the link, you’ll see it’s made for men, but I DON’T CARE. Its “clean” fragrance is really subtle; the wide applicator means I can cover the area in just one swipe.

Four Fab Tips

For Max

Deo Efficacy

  1. Read reviews. Everyone has different skin-sensitivity issues. Read customer reviews on a wide variety of sites to edit your choices before spending your cash. I usually start with one-star reviews to see what potential problems — from staining to skin allergies — might flare up.

  2. Apply it on clean, dry skin. Wait five minutes after showering day or night, especially if you’ve shaved.

  3. Go big. After finding whichever works best for you, larger sizes help you avoid over-swiping your delicate skin and subsequent chafing issues. A wide-applicator does this best.

  4. Go big, part two. By buying a few larger sizes rather than multilple minis, you’ll reduce plastic, a win-win for you and the environment.

Stay cool, lovelies.


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