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Runway To Real Way: Miami Swim Week 2018 Trends Report

Runway To Real Way: Miami Swim Week 2018 Trends Report

In years past, the Miami Swim Show was strictly to-the-trade: think of it as a market for department store buyers from Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s plus national swim boutiques like Everything But Water. A handful of fashion market editors from Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and WWD would also attend as they were the only publications to include swimwear in their fall issues for glamorous readers departing for warm-weather vacations. It’s also where Sports Illustrated would gather styles for its annual Swimsuit issue.

During the past decade, this trade presentation has become increasingly consumer and celeb friendly with nightly parties and fashion shows. This year, the gossip tabs wrote about Leo DiCaprio and a slew of celebs hitting the event to hob nob (or perhaps more) with models.

Suits presented during last week's show start hitting stores in November, kicking off Cruise season, which in Florida is all year long. Spring swimwear collections - the looks that receive the most media coverage in April and May’s glossy magazines — are not previewed in Miami because they have yet to be designed.

What does this mean for you dear FBP reader? Many of you live near the coast and/or have pools, boats, belong to country clubs with year-round swimming facilities, meaning you need a wardrobe of suits 365.

So with that in mind, I've compiled two handy lists: Trends from Miami Swim Week that I loved and think will look great on a majority of FBP-ers, and trends I suggest steering clear of. 

Off we go!

Trends To Embrace

1. Dark, Earthy Colors: If you read our interview with legendary swimsuit editor Diane Smith, this is always a chic way to go. FBP’s pick of the season, shown in the top photo, comes from London-based designer Melissa Odabash, whose celebrity clientele includes style icons like Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé.

As for Melissa's inspiration, here's what she has to say: “When I was designing my new collection, it was at the height of the election. Although there was a lot of craziness going on, I was really moved by how people came together to protect and support one another. In particular, the Women's March was such an important and impactful movement. I was so inspired to add something into my designs that reflected strength and sexiness. What better way to achieve this than to use a deep camo print on my signature luxe fabric, and add it to my sophisticated silhouettes? The "Amazon" in particular is great because it can be worn as a swimsuit, or as a bodysuit paired with a great pair of trousers."

As a woman with several pairs of designer army pants from Calypso and Bella Dahl in her wardrobe, this suit speaks to my heart.

2. Beyond The Beach: These are suits and tops that go from day to dinner. If you’re already rocking the cold and off-the-shoulder ready-to-wear trend, this is a cute look when paired with a proportional sarong, skirt, or gauzy pant. 

3. Tasteful Monokinis: Aka, like a bikini but attached with fabric in the middle for tummy coverage, with cutouts at the waist. If your torso is svelte but you still have a bit of pouch like moi, this often works beautifully.

4. Decorative Lattice: The purty photo below (provided by Getty Images for Gottex) showcases this continuing trend, which you've seen on FBP: This suit is from the Profile by Gottex collection, and it's a knockout.

Trends To Skip

1. Shimmer: Like super-sparkly eyeshadow, shimmer can be pretty - in small doses. But when we're talking swimwear, shimmer is challenging. Why? Because it tends to highlight areas many women prefer to ignore.

2. Cacophonous Prints: Bolder than ever and available in a rainbow of colorsthese look gorgeous on the runway, but hurt my eyes IRL. Perhaps you’ve already gleaned FBP’s advice: don’t let the suit wear you. Too many bells and whistles overwhelm the body. Keep it simple.

3. Thongs: Miami Swim Week showed eensy-weensy suits that might be appropriate for Ibiza, Copacabana Beach and select scene-y Miami hotels, but absolutely not anywhere else.

4. Sky-High Thighs: Skimpy frontal coverage is a look we don’t advocate - no matter your age or size. We'll pass on posting photo examples here just in case you're easily offended. Fun fact: there’s a new trademark-pending post-waxing treatment for werking this bare skin-to-the-hip look dubbed the Vanicure™. If you attempt this look - despite our pleas - consider shaving. Swimsuit models I’ve worked with at the show know that ingrown hairs cause the wrong kind of attention and that at least a quarter inch growth is required before waxing again. Do we have to say that ingrown and stray hairs become a focal point that you want to avoid?

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