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5 Do-Able Ways To Make Better (Clothing) Choices

5 Do-Able Ways To Make Better (Clothing) Choices

While I definitely own hoarder-level amounts of books and beauty products, I pride myself on my tight edit of clothes and shoes. I’m pretty ruthless about donating and / or selling the items that no longer suit me or my newish Florida, WAHM, tennis-fanatic lifestyle.

At least I thought I was. This morning, as I was prepping for the arrival of the Closets by Design dudes, I realized that there might be serious room for improvement on the chuck-it front. Once I pulled all the hanging stuff out and piled it on the bed, and then proceeded to cover the dining room table with a small tower of handbags and accessories, I had a full-on Marie Kondo, joy-sparking epiphany:

Girlfriend, time to get real.

And then I thought of the three massive bins in my garage bursting with more handbags, and I remembered that it wasn’t only books and beauty products I hoard, it’s fancy purses, too. I’m one of those nut jobs who switches-out her purse every day to go with her outfit, and when I was toiling as an editor in NYC, and had to be “on” and looking spiffy every day, the handbag hoarding started with a vengeance.

Okay, the bags have to go. But I’m conflicted about the clothes. I’m doing Dry January, and have already lost a few pounds. And I really, really, reaaaaaallly think that if I shed, say, eight more lbs, I would feel like I have an entirely new wardrobe. All those perfectly good pieces that I try on and then immediately reject because I’m squeezing into them - and bulging out of them - would look infinitely better with the loss of approximately 10 big ones.

We’ll see if I get there. For a shrimp like me (I’m 5’1 on a good day), a 10-lb weight loss is a big ol’ deal. But if I make it, I’ll be glad I hung onto most of my clothes. If I don’t, they’re going bye bye, too, along with a huge number of bags.

But what does this all mean for YOU, friend?

Here’s what…

After scrutinizing that big mountain of clothes on my bed, I’ve done some thinking - and Internet sleuthing - and I’ve come up with a few great tips for avoiding closet mistakes. Off we go, missy.

5 Ways

To Make




1. Deploy the “48 Hour” rule. I excel at impulse shopping, and guess what? It rarely pays off. The purchases I regret most are usually the ones I spent the least amount of time pondering. Sure, a lot of them are cheapies from Tarjay, but that shouldn’t matter. Why have a bunch of blah junk clogging up your closet? Think it through, put the plastic away and give yourself a full 48 hours to get over that on-the-spot urge to buy. Still want it after that? Go for it.

2. Don’t sit down with your laptop and a glass of champs. Or wine, or sparkling rosé - whatever your favorite drinkie is, stay the hell away from all of your electronic devices while you’ve got an alcoholic beverage parked in front of you. Don’t lie; you know you do this. You’ve got a fat stack of receipts to prove it.

3. Even for a special event, buy something you can wear multiple times. Stick with solids - they aren’t nearly as “haven’t I seen that before?” as prints. I’m really into navy. It’s less draining, complexion-wise, than black, and a little unexpected. Chic, baby.

4. Traveling to a different climate? Nab what you need HERE, not there. How many years did I live in NYC? 27. How many years did I live right across the Hudson River from NYC? Five. In total, that’s 32 years in or just outside of Manhattan. In other words, I know the weather there. Why then, on my two or three trips a year back to the city am I always wishing I had brought warmer or cooler clothes? And worse, why am I shopping for said warmer or cooler clothes when I’m up there? It makes zero sense, and, hello, it’s costly. So my tip here is: Don’t Be Me.

5. Stop buying the same stuff over and over and over. You don’t need 20 pairs of white denim or 10 pink tank tops. No one does. Conduct an “audit,” see what you have multiples of and stopppppppp. xoxo


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