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Double Endorsement! Dana + Diana Try IT Cosmetics' New 'Confidence In A Compact'

Double Endorsement! Dana + Diana Try IT Cosmetics' New 'Confidence In A Compact'

We're both huge fans of IT Cosmetics, and have been for years. We love the efficacy of the problem-solving products, the accessible glamour and the very cool woman behind the brand, Jamie Kern Lima. (Think gorge former TV newscaster turned mega beauty mogul.) 

So when I recently received a shipment of every shade of the new Confidence In a Compact - a makeup-y riff on the wildly popular Confidence In a Cream - I sent a few down to Naples via carrier pigeon for Diana to try. 

So hear's the dealio - the backstory, as they say in the biz - about this new compact, which is pretty much like a tinted moisturizer with super-powers. 

It's the brand's


serum foundation. 

It's considered a breakthrough because it's the first time IT has been able to marry serum with pigments and SPF. (A lot of SPF. SPF 50, to be precise.) So it's basically anti-aging meets makeup meets sunscreen. And it's available in seven shades, from Fair to Deep.

After using it for a few weeks, here are our individual takes:


Why I Love It: I often don't leave myself enough time to do my makeup properly before I have to be somewhere - like my shift as a Docent at The Dali Museum or a meeting for the St. Raphael Catholic School annual Auction. (Sorry for the shameless plug but we have a super-fun Kentucky Derby theme this year + you can get your tickets right here.) My Confidence In a Cream Compact allows me to just do a quick swipe and be on my merry way. 

How I'm Using It: I'm wearing it often - even to tennis. The plan for now, when I have a little color in my face (i.e., a slight tan) is to match my skin tone with the Light shade. But when I go all pale + ghostly come December, I'm also thinking of experimenting with one of the darker shades and using it as a creme bronzer. I'm all about creme textures - creme foundation, creme blush, creme bronzer. I like dewy and dewy likes me.

It's Florida-Friendly Because: All that SPF, baby. Though I'd like to believe I don't need mega sun protection when I'm just running around town on errands, that would be a complete and utter lie. If I don't want sun spots, I need to cover up. Every FBP-er does. 


Why I Love It: I've been an IT girl since discovering it in my CEW swag bag circa 2014. (For the record, CEW is short for Cosmetic Executive Women, a consortium of high-powered beauty broads that holds a lot of densely populated special events and rubber chicken lunches at New York's Waldorf Astoria.) Immediately I started using the high-quality brushes, the Brow Power, the mascara and the Celebration Foundation in Medium Beige. I even Googled Jamie, and she reminded me of the lead from Drop Dead Diva, a great Lifetime TV show. Charming, honest, adorable. 

I added to my IT stash when Dana sent me Confidence In a Cream and the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream a few months ago. I love them both, but need to be careful with the CC+ - I always apply too much. 

Okay, onto the topic at hand - the new compact. Dana sent me two shades to test, and I landed on the Medium as the best choice. After watching the application video, it was off to the races. My Naples bestie Brenda - the chicest of chic, that one - gave me a big thumbs up. Per her, I looked: "Flawless, smooth, plumped in a natural way, with even skin tone." Can you believe my luck in finding a friend who doles out compliments like that? 

How I'm Using It: Mostly, I'm deploying it on work days. I like to look polished and pulled together when I'm helping my clients at Sandpiper find a slam-dunk pair of shorts or a cute frock for an evening out. Rolling up without makeup isn't the vibe I want to project, but I also don't want to look overly "done." This compact is a happy medium. And a happy Medium. Get it? It was also the first item I packed for a big trip to LA this weekend. 

As for my "process," I use the sponge that came with it to apply it, then buff it out with my brush so there are no tell-tale traces. 

Why It's Florida-Friendly: Yes, the humidity is intense down here. But that doesn't mean we don't need hydration. For some of you FBP-ers, Confidence In a Compact will provide all the serum-y moisturization you need. Drier types, like Yours Truly, might want to layer a creme beneath. Or mist it on top with a spritz of mineral water. Aaaah....


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