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Introducing Our Very First "Shelfie": Lorena Ossa

Introducing Our Very First "Shelfie": Lorena Ossa

Of course our first-ever Florida Beauty Problems "Shelfie" - the charming + hilarious St. Petersburg-based Lorena Ossa - chopped her hair off before we got a chance to publish our feature on her.

Girl's always tinkering. She's a former model. They can be like that. 

So before we get into what a Shelfie is, we need to show you Lorena's new 'do, courtesy of her bestie and 24/7 hair guru, Lori Stoller.

(We'll be featuring Lori and her hair tips on FBP shortly, if she lets us. My daughter's entire school swears by her for cuts and color.)

Here's Lorena now:



Now back to this Shelfie business...

Basically, it's a deep dive inside the beauty cabinets (or closets, trunks, drawers + crates) of women we feel are super stylish and on top of their games.

We picked Lorena as our first FBP Shelfie because she's got it going on, big-time. A native of Colombia who moved to the Sunshine State at age 20, she never phones it in. Every damn time we see her she looks fantastic. The makeup's done, the hair is perfection, the outfit is banging. And she's a Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant, so she's Lash Boosted at all times! 

We so admire this friendly, smiley young mom of two, and know you'll love reading about what products she uses to stay looking amaze-balls. 

Here's her full routine, in her own words. 



To remove my makeup, I use Garnier Micellar Water. My sister introduced me to it. I’ve used it for the past year and I love it. It’s super gentle, but it takes everything off and doesn’t leave a residue.

After I remove my makeup, everything else I use is by R+F. I’m on Reverse. I started with Reverse, switched to Redefine, and now I’m back to Reverse and I love it. Reverse is for sun damage and dull skin – it gives you a glow. Redefine is more for lines and loss of elasticity.

And on top of that I use the Active Hydration Serum probably twice a day. Love it. And I keep an eye cream in my purse.

I also use Lash Boost. My lashes were never super-long or thick, and I used to curl them all the time. Since I started using Lash Boost, I can’t curl them anymore. If I did, my mascara would end up on my eyelid because my lashes are so long!

My mom got Lash Boost because she felt like her brows weren’t as thick as they used to be. So now she’s using it on her lashes and her brows and she’s like obsessed. This is a woman who never wore mascara, and now she has really long lashes and she loves them.

To exfoliate my skin, I use the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. You’re supposed to use it twice a week, but I only use it once. 

As for fragrance, I wear Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. But I love perfume. I never leave my house without it.

On super-hot days, I spritz my skin with Avène Thermal Water. It's refreshing, and leaves your makeup intact.  


My daughter has skin allergies but loves yummy scents, so I started using Honest Co. products. They're really the only products she doesn't react to. The kids and I use the hair / body wash, And I love the body lotion. It's super light and fresh. 

Baby oil is a little secret from my modeling days. I put it on my legs right out of the shower while still wet and it gives it that super shiny look you see on the runway! Love it. 

I use the Jergens lotion on my feet.


I think I got my makeup addiction from my aunt. I used to go visit her when she lived with my grandparents in Colombia, and every time I went, she’d put makeup on my face.

So I’ve loved makeup since I was little. Very little. Very very little!

I don’t use foundation every day. I used to, but I don’t right now. Instead, I’ve been using primer on its own, without foundation on top. I don’t know if you’re really supposed to do that, but I just really like it. It leaves my skin dewy but not oily. I used to wear a MAC primer, but then I read some beauty blog – I don’t remember which one – and they were raving about the E.L.F. Poreless Face Primer.

The blogger compared it with I think a TooFaced primer, and she said the E.L.F. was actually better. So I went and got it. It’s $6 and that’s what I’ve been wearing ever since. It makes your face look even, and it’s got a good texture. You can put your blush on top and it’ll stay.

And if I have to wear foundation, I use the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. But that’s only for when I’m going out, like on a date night.

I love blush. I use MAC Sheertone in the Peaches shade. That’s the only one I use. I apply it with a big Ecotools brush.

For my brows, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, which I put on with an angled MAC brush. It’s a little pricey, but I love it. It’s really good. It holds your brows all day. It’s not a gel, but it’s not a powder either. I think they call it a pomade? So you put it on with a brush and it works really well because you can start really light and build it up as much as you want.

I have a MAC eyeliner. And I love a cat-eye, but I was never able to do it myself with liquid liner, so one of my friends recommended a Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. It’s just like a pen and it works super well on your eyes. I use black eyeliner.

And for mascara, it's Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black. I've tried other mascaras - Dior, Saint Laurent - but I always go back to Great Lash.

My lipgloss is by Tom Ford and it’s called Peach Absolute. I think the last time I went to buy it, it was named something else. But it’s peachy. My lips are a little darker, so it looks like a skin tone on me, but with a little gloss. I use that almost every day.

For special occasions, I love a red lipstick. I think everybody should know which red lipstick works for them. The one I love is by Lancôme - Red Stiletto. I apply it with a brush, and I use a Nars lipliner.


I have brown hair – I’m a brunette – but I’ve been blonde. I started coloring my hair when I think I was like 13, and it went lighter and lighter and I was a platinum blonde. That was before I had my daughter, so I was probably about 23 or 24. I was blonde with bangs and I loved it.

And then I decided I didn’t want to be a blonde anymore, that I wanted to be brunette again. And I like it, too. I love them both – blonde and brunette. I change my hair a lot. Thank god my best friend is a hairstylist, so it’s never been damaged.

I met Lori in 2005. I was her nanny when her first daughter was born.

I come to Lori with pictures and she tells me whether it’s possible or not. She does what I want, but also makes sure that it works with my skin tone. I’m so lucky.

I do flat-iron my hair. Naturally, it's wavy and frizzy. I use a lot of oil.

I’ve had one keratin treatment. And then I had a Brazilian Blowout, and I liked that a lot a better. With a Brazilian Blowout you can let your hair air-dry and it’s not going to be super-straight, but it’s not going to be frizzy either. But you have to use the products that come with it.

My hair’s pretty easy to style, so I don’t get a Brazilian Blowout every six months or anything like that - although I think you could, because it isn’t damaging. The last time I got one was when I was headed to Colombia. I knew it was going to be hot and I wouldn’t have a lot of time to style my hair. I’d have to just wash and go. 

I work out, so I wash my hair almost every day. Especially if I run. I’m so not "Dry Shampoo Girl." I have a lot of friends who use dry shampoo, but not me. Maybe I just don’t how to use it right.

I change shampoos all the time, but right now I’m using one by Matrix - the Biolage Exquisite Oil.

When I had the Brazilian Blowout, I used the shampoo that comes with it. But the Matrix, which I’m using now, is super-hydrating.

Another shampoo I use when I get my hair colored – especially when I have a lot of highlights – is Pureology, the one in the purple bottles. My hair can get brassy, and the Pureology helps protect the color.

I use Unite argan oil as a thermal protectant. Sometimes I wash my hair, put the argan oil on it and let it air dry. And when it’s dry I just flat-iron it, without blowdrying first. And even if I don’t flat-iron, the Unite takes the frizz away,

My hair holds product very well, so I put a big glob of the oil on when it’s wet and work it through. But I don’t put it close to my roots. I apply it about two inches down from the roots.

I use hairspray when I curl my hair. I really like Morrocanoil Luminous Hairspray. It holds the curl but isn’t stiff. You can run your fingers through it.


I use a bio-Ionic professional hairdryer that Lori recommended, along with an Izunami flat iron.

I’ve never been able to curl my hair with a flat-iron so I use a curling iron. And I think it’s a Conair with a 2-inch barrel. I’ve tried so many times to curl my hair flat-iron. They make it look so easy, and it isn’t!

I don’t curl my hair that often, maybe once a week.

I use a Wet Brush and a thermal round brush to blowdry, so it’s quicker.

I don’t use any skin tools, like the Dermaflash. My facialist, Sophie Bel at Beyond Beauty Studio, offers a version of that called derma-planing that I'm dying to try. 

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