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Di’s Seasonal #Selfgifting Guide 

Di’s Seasonal #Selfgifting Guide 

True confession #1: I can’t shop for others without wanting something for myself. There I’ve said it!  

With a December birthday plus Christmas coming, I’m sorta getting a bit greedy, having already purchased several of the items below - which I believe you’ll also love as they’re super easy to work into your Florida lifestyle and seriously on trend.

Holiday image above by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash; product photos below provided by brands


My Next Dress

Have you heard? Pantone’s 2019 color of the year is “Living Coral”. And while designer Sara Campbell might be based in Boston, she’s got more boutiques in Florida than anywhere else.

Her approach to fashion is fun - as are her plush stores. I have a few tunics in my closet that still look newish after 3+ years of regular rotation.

If you haven’t shopped her stores in Sarasota (new), Naples, Vero Beach, Delray Beach or Winter Park - go! Every item is beautifully crafted with feel-good fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and colors ideal for Florida year-round. Hoping to find this sleeveless look under my palm tree ($218).


Perfect Polishes

After discovering Smith & Cult at Paint Nail Bar, I was lucky that my favorite Naples salon also carried them. That luck has ended as they’ve cut the line from their shelves, hence the splurge on three bottles shown here (Forever Fades Fast - my new neutral, A Little Lovely, and Take Fountain).

What’s not to love? Skin tone-flattering saturated color, 8-free formulations and on occasion, a promo code: mine was HOLIDAY for 30% off the usual $18/bottle (Give it a go.) It’s durable to boot;given the abuse my hands take working at the library, just one top coat of glitter keeps my hands looking great for up to three weeks. Pedi polish lasts four to five weeks.

Sea Star Beachware.JPG

Cute Swim Shoes

True confession #2: I’m a big baby when stepping into the water at Marco Island’s South Beach. My tootsies can’t take the shell-strewn sand; those sharp edges take the fun out of going.

While I’ve tried using my Sketchers to wade in the water, the fabric expands - making staying on my feet problematic when swimming. Tevas paired with a Bleu Rod Beattie suit? I think not.

I found these chic stay-put water espadrilles ($89 - $96) from Sea Star Beachwear then headed to the sale page, nabbing the subdued pearl version for $45 with free shipping - no code needed. They’re also great for beach to dinner outings when flip-flops are too informal.

Lilly short.jpg

A Better Short

Unless your gams are flawless, 3” and 5” shorts can look (dare I say it) vulgar. If you’ve read our previous shorts post, you know I love a good Bermuda, but finding them is quite a surprising challenge in Florida.

A stylish compromise courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer: the newly improved Jayne Stretch Short ($78), a 7” length with 2% Spandex.


Speaking of Flip-Flops…

My neighbor Kelly recently hosted a fundraiser for her “Kids Don’t Float” initiative, which provides complimentary life jackets on a borrow basis for tots visiting Collier County’s beaches. Marco Island’s Kathein Jewelers co-sponsored: their table of gorgeous goodies had a selection of flip-flop pendants with varying metallic bases for earrings and necklaces. Want! Apparently there’s a plethora of selections on the web. These semi-scream Florida, albeit in a discreet and pretty way.

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