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Rethink Your Drink: Better Choices For Festive Libations

Rethink Your Drink: Better Choices For Festive Libations

For many years, I’ve worked as a publicist for fine-dining restaurants and wine importers who embrace wines and spirits that are crafted with organic, biodynamic and sustainable practices.

What does all that booze babble actually mean?

It means that when you opt for the above - organic, biodynamic, sustainable - you’re putting fewer harmful ingredients into your body. 

One of my pet peeves in our gorgeous state is that too many ahem “high-end” restaurants and country clubs have supermarket wine lists. As a Billecart babe on a Bota Box budget, I’d rather drink something wonderful even if it means imbibing less frequently. 

Here are 7 tips for mindful ordering when celebrating a night out with friends and making wiser (and reduced-calorie!) purchases when hosting your next gathering.

Tip 1:

Become A



Check the alcohol level on the bottle. The higher the percentage, the more calories. 

Tip 2:



Le Box

Rethink mass-produced wines. You know, the ones with the cutesy / girly labels all but spilling from the shelves at Publix. (True confession: I did the PR for one of those mega-brands marketed to women, but I didn’t drink it.) Because the FDA allows a range of additives your body doesn’t need, they’re often filled with a bunch of junk. Instead, head to your local wine boutique, which likely has a range of small-production selections from price points starting at $15 per bottle.

Tip 3:



If you’re a white wine lover, you’ll save roughly 25 calories per 5 oz pour when swapping to Champagne or a Spanish cava from still wines.

Tip 4:



It’s always rosé weather here. Drink pink, preferably a European label, for a pretty pour that’s low in calories and contains fewer to zero additives.

Tip 5:

Pick The

Right Red

Buh-bye big red. Are you a Zinfandel fan? Any wine with a 14% or more alcohol level means more calories. A top sommelier friend suggests that one glass is akin to drinking a martini, so if your stomach’s sensitive or you get buzzed all too easily, consider Pinot Noir. You’ll still get red’s resveratrol-based antioxidants without the morning-after headache.

Tip 6:

Get Clean

(& Clear)

Post-colon cancer, my gastro said that while he didn’t expect me to give up drinking, triple-filtered vodka would be preferable as it stresses the digestive system less than carb-laced wine. Think Grey Goose, and look for filtration methods on any bottle you’re considering. Might we remind you clear vodka is tooth-friendly too?

Tip 7:



Florida is home to dozens of kick-ass craft breweries. While most of the products are amazing, think + drink carefully when ordering your favorite. Though I’m not much of a beer girl, when an eatery’s wine list is awful, I usually order a local-ish brew. At 7.5%, my favorite Jai Alai IPA from Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing packs the power of two same-sized Heinekens.


We hope this perfectly-timed-to-the-hollies guide helps you #makebetterchoices.

Still have Qs? Hit us up on Insta or Facebook and we’ll have a guest expert weigh in.

Cheers ladies!


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