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Pucker Up $4  For The Softest Lips Ever With Soul Kiss

Pucker Up $4 For The Softest Lips Ever With Soul Kiss

My name is Diana and I’m a lip balm addict.

It started in seventh grade, when all my gfs started wearing makeup. Mother conceded to my incessant “everyone else is doing it” begging, allowing lip balm. 

And that’s when my reliance on Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker became my beauty best bet. 

With just a hint of natural color, I donned it day and night. It glided on smoothly and kept my lips from cracking in cold, dry weather. As the kid with the humidifier next to her bed from an early age, it seemingly helped keep my nasal passages moist during the night.

Decades later, I flirted with Bobbi Brown’s genius lip balms for a more professional look. But at $34, they’re pretty pricey and I go through them fast. It wasn’t a long-time relationship.

So it was back to Dr. Pepper. When manufacturer Bonne Bell announced its closing in 2015, several glamorous pals also panicked.*

Beating them to the punch, I posted a request on Facebook, asking friends to shop and send all they could find. 

And they responded: all told, nearly 30 sticks of Dr. Pepper, big and small, came to my new Florida home.

But a month ago, I finally ran out. Lip Smacker’s is now its own company, but Dr. Pepper is consistently out-of-stock on its website.

Searching every single Claire’s and Walmart in Lee and Collier Counties, I can’t buy it locally without having to pony up for the sister soda brands package which includes 7Up and A+W Root Beer, when all I want is a Dr. Pepper stick.

Husband never understood its appeal, asking nightly why I slathered calming essential-oil based lotions on my bod, but my lips smelled like a caffeinated soda. 

Good question. And definitely not sexy, r i g h t?

My former boss/mentor/forever friend Linda who knew about my Dr. Pepper addiction recently sent me a new find from Biggs & Featherbelle : Soul Kiss Sweet Bergamot ($4). 

(The brand’s name pays homage to its founders’ cat, earning big points from your meow meow-obsessed FBP team!)

Bergamot is one of the key essential oils renowned for calming and relaxing properties, while also promoting healing, cooling and preventing cold sores. Blended with all-natural ingredients, it applies smoothly without the typically waxy or greasy feel of other similarly low-priced balms. 

Instead of tossing and turning for 10 minutes before falling asleep, I’m out when the subtle fragrance hits my schnoz in a heavenly way. 

The company was founded by two sisters — Kasey Collier (not sure if she’s related to the my county’s founding family) and Kelly Evick-Parker, who are adamant about not using synthetic fragrances, dyes, additives or preservatives in any of their products.

Dr. Pepper contains all of the above. Ouch.

Alas for daytime, there’s no hint of tint: only pure essential oils and plant-based ingredients are used, so I apply it o v e r * * my lilah b. lip stain whose matte formulation is a tad challenging to get right. Soul Kiss fixes that for allover color without having to blot your lips or correct smearing. 

I’m tempted to try the Eskimo Kiss flavor for daytime which does double duty as a breath fixer with its cooling peppermint and lively spearmint essential oils. 

Check out Soul Kiss at Earth Fare’s 11 Florida stores; it’s also available online and at several yoga studios.


*This secret group includes a maje stylist-to-the-stars and a well-respected journo for People magazine.

**Numerous lipstick hacks tell you to apply balm first, but IMHO you get a better concentration of color and less mess if you do it after applying lip color.


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