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In The Frizz Capital Of America, Can A $400 Blowdryer Help? The Dyson, Reviewed

In The Frizz Capital Of America, Can A $400 Blowdryer Help? The Dyson, Reviewed

Paul Bordeau, my hair guru, recently invested $400 in the new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

When I got word of this, my first thought was: What's in it for me - and my hair?

I'll get to my deepest, darkest feelings about the Dyson in a sec. But first, if you'll allow me, I'd like to take you on my Summer 2017 Hair Journey. There's a good chance you FBP-ers will find nuggets of connection in my frizz-filled tale of woe...

In my Naples neck of the woods, we’ve been averaging 2”-3” of rain daily (and 17” within 3 days back in June). Not only is the rain not cooling the temperature down, the air feels uncomfortably, endlessly, brutally hot and steamy.

And for my fine-yet-abundant hair - which doesn’t do well with product - this means uncontrollable, daily frizz. We’re talking Bozo the Clown-level frizz, most prominently framing my face. Once the monsoons started last month, my usual 8-brush technique was instantly decimated because there was just no way of avoiding daily rush-hour downpours, often lasting 2+ hours with accompanying gusty winds, rendering umbrellas useless.

Like an Asian summer, sans the amazing food.

Wasn’t it Einstein who defined insanity as attempting something over and over again and expecting a different outcome? I had better things to do with my blowout time -  like adding a daily swim to my morning. (Not great for my hair, but good for everything else.)

Over the past five weeks - après le June deluge - my hair is frequently pulled into what I dub the fashion editor’s ponybun, gleaned from years of working with these ladies as a publicist. Think ponytail meets semi-attempted loose bun at the nape of the neck. Polished and easy, but not by any means as great as my preferred straight long locks with movement. Especially as I’m only shampooing weekly this summer, courtesy of an FBP reader tip from Sara in Sarasota.  

And full hair confession here: back in March, Paul convinced me to stop coloring my hair. Why? Because in my attempt to cover the silvery sideburns along my hairline, the color on the rest of my head continually oxidizes. Why? Because a certain proprietor-named Marco Island Salon didn’t heed my request for ammonia-free ashy color last summer (pre-Paul).

Layering new -  good - color on top of bad color would just prolong the issue. Said salon does great with blondes, but brown hair? It's rare here. (I can count my brunette Florida sistas on one hand.) So for the next year, I’m rocking a coppery ombré augmented on my sideburns by the genius Touch Back "magic marker." The goal is to look decent for my stepdaughter’s February wedding in NYC.

Now - finally - it's time to talk Dyson.

Post-shampoo and deep conditioning, and with the poise of a "Price is Right" model, Paul showed me the Dyson and its myriad settings and magnetic attachments. Shocker: We could actually hear each other during our blowout chat, revealing how much quieter it is than my BaBylissPRO. It's way lighter, too. I know this because he let me hold it for a hot sec before gently ripping it out of my hands. 

If you’re blowdrying clients over the course of 10 hours, four days a week, what an advantage for your ears, arms and hands, especially since the attachments remain cool. I also asked if he thought it was faster than other pro dryers and he thought so. You can read Ulta's Dyson description here. As for shiny hair (sans product in my case), yep, that too.

Writing this a week post-blowout  - and swimming with my head above water - my hair still looks good, I'm thinking I could eek out O N E more day before washing it. (Reader, I did.)

But $400? That’s eight pro blowouts (with tip), two pairs of really cute Lilly Pulitzer wedges, or groceries for three weeks in my house. If you blow your hair twice weekly, it's $3.85 per use in a year, with Dyson's two-year warranty. 

FBP’s Takeaway: Like surgery, the outcome is as good as the doctor performing it. If you’re good at blowing-out your own hair, the Dyson is a splurge-worthy purchase. Time is money ladies, and this definitely cuts beaucoup minutes from your blowout routine - and with great results.

Don't just take our word for it: Maria, one of my Sandpiper customers, loves her Dyson. Despite a très humid day on Marco plus an inch of rain, her gorgeous thick hair was perfection in a half-hour less than previous efforts. Her word of caution: don't forget to clear your vanity, as the Dyson's power can blow whatever is nearby away. 

However, if your aren’t as skilled blowing your hair (don’t fret - not every salon pro is good at blowouts so you’re in excellent company), you may only notice a negligible difference in your results. 

Di getting the Dyson treatment

Di getting the Dyson treatment

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