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Not Awesome: Facial Hair In Blinding-White Sunshine

Not Awesome: Facial Hair In Blinding-White Sunshine

Gotcha! If you just got tricked by this headline, and thought I'd be using the bulk of this blog post to bitch and moan about the FBP (Florida Beauty Problem) of facial hair in blinding-white sunshine, you'd be oh-so-very wrong. 

In a good way, that is...

Why? Because rather than the problem, I'll be focusing on the solution. Yup, I'm in my happy place and I want you to join me. 

Listen, my sunny lovelies: I have the cure for what ails us, facial hair-wise, and it's available for a mere six Easy Pays on QVC of $33 a pop. I'm no math whiz, but that roughs-out to about 200 smackers. And trust me when I tell you it's worth every last penny.

So what is 'it,' you ask? It's Dermaflash, one of those tricked-out face razor-y things. I've wanted one since the first time I set eyes on it last year, but I was waiting until I had a little extra dough on hand before splashing-out.

You've seen one, yes? If not, here's what it looks like:

The big promise with the Dermaflash is that, by removing all your "peach fuzz," you're getting rid of the roadblock that typically exists between your skin and youthful radiance. With all that fuzz (technically, it's known as "vellus" hair, and it covers our entire bodies), light gets trapped. And if light doesn't bounce off your skin, you'll never look as fresh and glowy as you could. 

So there's that reason to get rid of facial hair - the radiance thing. And here's another reason: Because everyone can see it, friend. The sun is obvi so intense down here that every last hair is visible to others. 

It's like when you're on a plane during the day, and you pop up your window shade for a little looky-look outside. Whoa. There's a reason why Elizabeth "Fantastic Brows" Hurley does all her major plucking when she's mid-air, en route to somewhere glam - the light is unforgivingly fantastic on planes, and she can see

Okay, back to our peach-fuzzy Florida mugs.

I've used my Dermaflash several times now, and I honestly feel it's a game-changer. Skincare seems to penetrate better, makeup glides on perfectly, and I just look generally more glowy and dewy.

And maybe younger? I think most of us would agree that facial hair reads "old lady." So when you get rid of it, you automatically (and literally) shave off a few years. 

Despite my enthusiasm for my latest + greatest beauty gizmo, I felt like I wasn't "doing it right." So I set up a Skype chat with Rich Campbell, Director of Education for Dermaflash.

Rich was super-helpful. So I will in turn spread the joy, by sharing his tips with you, my fellow Peach-Fuzzed Floridians.


1. There's no right or wrong way to hold your Dermaflash, so don't stress about that. According to Rich, you can move it around any way you like, even from hand to hand, as long as you keep it at a 45-degree angle to your face. The manual deploys a lot of ominous language around holding it at a 90-degree angle, but Rich says that isn't about safety as much as it is efficiency. You really can't hurt yourself with a Dermaflash. But to get the closest shave, it's all about that 45-degree angle. 

2. Aim it up or down, depending on the area you're tackling. For precision shaving near the hairline, aim up. For de-fuzzing near the brows, aim down. Rich's rationale? "I don't ever want to cut one of those little short hairs mid-strand," he says. "So if you work up, toward the hairline, you'll go right underneath those hairs and you'll never have to worry about that."

3. De-fuzz all the way around your mouth. Don't be a fraidy cat about this, because this area is basically Peach Fuzz Central. For best results, Rich recommends pulling your skin taut right above your cheekbone, while letting the lips remain super-relaxed. Work down on the upper lip area, up on the lower. I don't have to tell you not to use the Dermaflash on the lips themselves, right? Of course not...

4. Expect a bit of tingling afterward. This not only an expected result, it's a damn fine thing. The blade's cutting edge is elevated just above the skin, so it won't cause any irritation or ingrown hairs. So what's with the post-treatment tingling? "The vibration boosts microcirculation, which in turn stimulates lymphatic activity," says Rich. "So what you're actually feeling is new blood coming to the surface of the skin. And that makes it bright and sparkly."

5. Strive to keep a weekly skedge. After my first go-round with my trusty new beauty tool, I was terrified about stubble, and feared that once downy-soft peach fuzz would suddenly turn into a full-on dude beard. Never gonna happen; according to Monsieur Campbell, vellus hair is biologically incapable of morphing into the other, thicker type, aka "terminal" hair. Still, he suggests we Floridians keep up with a weekly hair-removal schedule. Our skin sheds and renews itself on a 28-day cycle, and consistent de-fuzzing helps optimize that. "Besides, with the bright sun down there, you could be driving along in your car and suddenly see a bunch of fuzz in the rear-view mirror," says Rich. "You don't want that to happen." No, we most certainly don't. 



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