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Dana Has Found The Cure For Clinkles (AKA Cleavage Wrinkles) + She's Happy To Share

Dana Has Found The Cure For Clinkles (AKA Cleavage Wrinkles) + She's Happy To Share

Do you know how exceedingly rare it is for a beauty product to actually do what it says it’s gonna do?

Unicorn-rare, friends. Unicorn-rare.

So it is with great pleasure that I intro you to the oh-so-fantastic Chest & Décolletage Smoothing Kit by a brand with an insanely adorable name: Wrinkles Schminkles.

When Team Schminkles reached-out to me, asking if I wanted to try the clinkles product, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. A lifetime of tanning + five years in FL playing ungodly amounts of tennis has left me with beaucoup sun damage on my chest.

I don’t have many brown spots there, thank goodness, but oodles of vertical lines. Blech. So the-opposite-of-youthifying.

On to the kit. It’s actually a single silicone pad, shaped like a heart (awwww…) that you slap on before beddy bye and sleep in.

It’s clear, and I swear Hubby didn’t even notice. Okay maybe he did, but he’s too polite to say something? No, that’s not it. If he’d spotted it, he definitely would have commented.

Crafted from extremely soft, medical-grade silicone, it’s super comfortable to wear. And it stays put, even when you toss and turn all night like I do.

Then in the morning, you slowly peel it off, attach it to its little base, and proceed to be blown away by the visual softening of those damn clinkles.

Is it a one-shot deal? No, you have to keep up it with. But is it wildly effective in the short term? Absolutely. And now Wrinkles Schminkles has even come out with a booster-type product: InfuseFAST Mask, which it describes as an Intensive Cosmeceutical Décolletage Infusion.

Think of the InfuseFAST Mask as the ultimate party prep for big events. If I were more organized and time-efficient, I would have used it before a big black-tie wedding we attended this past weekend. My dress wasn’t super scooped-out, but there was definitely a little décolleté action. Next time, you can bet I’ll be masking and padding.

I’m so bullish on this new beauty product that I just had to do a little Q+A with Wrinkles Schminkles Founder + CEO Gabrielle Requena.

Gabrielle’s based in Australia, so she knows alllllll about the havoc sun wreaks on poor chests. And other body parts; there’s a Schminkles for pretty much every wrinkle-prone zone. And I intend to try every last one. But for now, let’s just focus on that tricky, crinkle-prone zone between the base of our throats and the top of our breasts. Grrr…

FBP: Was it my imagination, or did I literally see results after one use? Is that a typical response?

GABRIELLE REQUENA: Our Medical Grade Silicone Pads work by keeping the skin taut so it can’t crease, and wrinkles can’t form. That’s why you get an immediate overnight result - a wrinkle-free décolleté! But as importantly, Medical Grade Silicone itself, which the Pads are made from, work with the skin to draw up moisture, hydration and blood flow to the surface of the skin - which helps stimulate collagen, that vital protein we stop producing as we age, causing loss of elasticity in the skin.

FBP: Is this a ‘maintenance’ product? Do you need to keep using it to maintain results?

REQUENA: Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Pads work beyond delivering a ‘superficial’ result to the skin. Because you get immediate results as well as cumulative results, you will find after having corrected the skin using the products, you will then not need to use them as much, and the skin won’t go back to how it was before. However, it’s worth mentioning that just like you can’t use a vitamin A skincare product for a short time and expect long-term results, maintenance is required with all skincare, including Wrinkles Schminkles.

FBP: How often would you recommend using it?

REQUENA: Our Silicone Pads can be integrated into your lifestyle and skincare regime and worn as much or as little as you like. For the bestselling hero product, the Chest Smoothing Kit, I recommend you use it as frequently as possible as most women are not treating their skin with any other skincare on the chest or décolleté while they sleep and it’s the perfect product for those dreaded side-sleeping wrinkles! [DEEP THOUGHT FROM DANA: IF I COULD TRAIN MYSELF TO SLEEP ON MY BACK INSTEAD OF MY SIDE, I’D BE SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL.] For a product like the Eye Smoothing Kit, because often women like to use their under eye serums and creams, I recommend you use it two to three nights a week and alternate with your favorite eye creams. You can also choose to use your eye creams during the day and Eye Silicone Pads at night.

FBP: I wasn’t 100 percent sure where to place the chest pad. What kind of guidelines do you provide new users?

REQUENA: The beauty of our Silicone Pads is that they’re designed with many women’s shapes and sizes in mind so you can position them to cover where your lines and wrinkles are. On the website, we feature model photos and videos showing the best places to position the Silicone Pads for maximum comfort and results.

FBP: Can the silicone be sensitizing to some people?

REQUENA: Our Medical Grade Silicone formulation is based on the same science as Silicone used to heal scars in the medical profession, and our Silicone Pads are hypo-allergenic. So it would be very rare for anyone to be sensitive to the Pads. We have so many women who are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding using our Silicone Pads, and during these times women’s skin can be extra sensitive.

* * *

So interesting, right? I love women who see a beauty need and fill the bejesus out of it, like Gabrielle Requena. Curious what the Chest Smoothing Kit looks like? Et voilà.


And here’s the InfuseFAST Mask:

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