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Haute + Healthy Hair @ISOBE Salon In Indian Harbour Beach: Frizz-Free Summer Locks, Comin' Right Up

Haute + Healthy Hair @ISOBE Salon In Indian Harbour Beach: Frizz-Free Summer Locks, Comin' Right Up

Cheers to a workplace romance that goes the distance, like the one between Ty and Julie Isobe.

For a dozen years, Julie led Redken’s education and product development team. As one of its leading educators, Ty taught salon pros across the country innovative color techniques while also working in several of NYC’s top tier salons. 

After six years headquartered in New York, followed by a year in Australia for Julie’s job as EVO's international education director, they now call Indian Harbour Beach, a small island near Melbourne, FL, home.

Their first joint venture, @ISOBE Salon, opened this past February. Set in a gallery atmosphere with graffiti-inspired murals and furnishings, it's where Ty and Julie, along with their hand-picked team of specialists, focus on a finished look that starts with a base of healthy color. 

Because Ty also serves as International Platform Artist and Lead Colorist for Keratin Complex, the Boca-based beauty pioneer whose new salon-exclusive color collection does double duty as therapeutic smoothing treatments, I thought I'd pick his brain. 

Talking to Ty reminded me of a plastic surgery consult; instead of a peel or scalpel, this was all about customizing what’s needed for gorgeous hair that can stand up to Florida’s challenging weather.


FBP: Now that rainy season has descended upon Florida, I’m sorta tempted to do a keratin treatment. What goes into that?

Ty: When introducing our clients to keratin smoothing treatments, Express Blow Out is a great way to achieve frizz reduction, and lock in color for maximum longevity during the summer months. It only adds about an hour to the regular color and cut appointments, and lasts up to six weeks.

For longer-lasting results of three to five months, our offerings include Natural Keratin Smoothing TreatmentNatural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Blonde Hair, and the Personalized Blowout for providing curl reduction, frizz reduction, plus increased softness and shine. All smoothing treatments depend on the desired end result, longevity requested, color history, condition of hair, and at-home maintenance.

FBP: In terms of actual cut, will ditching my layers reduce frizz potential?

Ty: It’s all about balance: too much texture isn’t good, too much weight isn’t good either. 

Movement = youthfulness. When hair is textured or layered during our humid season, the ends need "friends" - meaning some weight is needed for avoiding stringiness, allowing it to move. You could reduce the layers or do a keratin treatment to add weight.

FBP: My hair is dry, but summer makes my scalp kinda icky-sticky. Ideas?

Ty: Well water is the enemy of hair color. 

If you color your hair, avoid shampoo until you just can’t go another minute. Shampooing is more of an ingrained habit; we’re trying to teach our clients that shampooing is drying and that over-shampooing can result in oil havoc. All you really need to do is saturate the hair top down, apply conditioner and rinse again. An occasional clarifying treatment is recommended to remove mineral and product build-up.

FBP: Best protection in the pool and on the beach?

Ty: Water and sun exposure are harsh on hair. If you aren't wearing a hat, apply a leave-in before going in the water or spending extended time outside.

If you're heading to the pool, use a foam/mousse solution like KeraWhip - which won’t leave a greasy film in the water. You can also apply a deep conditioning masque on dry hair before heading to the beach. 

FBP: What is @ISOBE's most popular service?

Ty: Color correction by far - rectifying damage or tonality so hair feels and looks better. Some are quick fixes like adding highlights, or reparative treatments and toners to get to the right color. Our priority is ensuring the integrity of the hair is healed before delving further because there are often more steps for obtaining the desired end result we’re looking for. Our goal is to be "hair healers" - not trashing the hair just to achieve a certain color result.

FBP: I see no pricing on your site. Tell me about that.

Ty: We don’t want people to come in and choose this, this and this. Instead, we do a comprehensive consultation on best steps to accomplish the look they want.

As the experts with a combined 50+ years among the team, we have very high standards, sharing exactly what course of action should be done for each guest. 

Someone might request balayage having seen a look on Instagram. It’s a good example of confusing the desired look with the means of achieving it; there might be other techniques for accomplishing the look based on hair type or lifestyle.

Our clientele tends to be very beauty conscious. We’re one of the only high-end salons in the area, but pricing is transparent and shared during each step of the consult.

On that note, Yours Truly is earmarking her beauty budget for an east-coast road trip to @Isobe Salon: 321.425.6832 | 1877 South Patrick Drive, Indian Harbour Beach, FL.

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