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TRUHAIR's Chelsea Scott Carves Time Out Of Her Crazy Skedge To Talk Tress-Taming

TRUHAIR's Chelsea Scott Carves Time Out Of Her Crazy Skedge To Talk Tress-Taming

We like busy, smart women at FBP. Heck, we are busy, smart women at FBP!

Thus it is with much gratitude that I present the tasty morsels of a phone convo I just had with Chelsea Scott, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of TRUHAIR and all-around pretty-locks wizard. She was knee-deep in packing for her upcoming trip to Cosmoprof North America in Vegas - the mother of all beauty-industry trade shows - and she basically dropped what she was doing to talk frizz and sun damage. 

If you're a fan of HSN, you've seen Chelsea. She's been an on-air presence for 15-plus years, and launched TRUHAIR - a line intended to help you to morph into your own personal coiffeur - on the network in late 2011. 

TRUHAIR is very problem/solution in vibe, which is so, so, so damn critical in Florida. 

So in the spirit of better hair days - yes, even in the summer - let's dive into this Q+A.

FBP: Where are you based?

SCOTT: Clearwater.

FBP: Are you a Florida native?

SCOTT: I've been in Florida in more than 20 years, but I'm originally from New York. I was an "IBM baby," basically, and my parents got transferred. So I ended up going to high school here. At first I was in south Florida, but I moved to the west coast because of HSN. I was an on-air guest for several beauty brands, and my own brand - TRUHAIR - was launched on HSN at the end of 2011. I really love being able to communicate our message directly to the consumer. I'm super-passionate about it.

FBP: What was the original thinking behind TRUHAIR?

SCOTT: Well, I've been in the beauty industry since I was 18. I started in Italy, making lipsticks, but hair has always been my passion. I moved on to product development in a lab that was specializing in haircare, skincare and cosmetics. Then I got introduced into the world of HSN and QVC.

One day, I was driving and I looked in the rearview mirror and said to myself, 'Wow, my hair looks really good.' That's what we all think when we've spent the time to blow-dry our hair really well, right?

But then I realized I had roots all around my hairline. I ran into a beauty-supply store and bought some product in a tube. It was a hard wax and it was awful. I looked like I'd painted my hair. 

I knew there had to be a better way to deal with that situation. So I came up with a micronized powder that would actually adhere to the scalp and cover everything, but still mimic the look of real hair. It took like a thousand attempts to do this with a chemist. Developing a powder that would really stay put was incredibly taxing.

The other part was the application. I knew people could use a compact format, but that's not the easiest way to apply this product. You have to get to the back of the hair. So we found the perfect component. And that was our first product - Color & Lift. 

FBP: What does the "Lift" refer to?

SCOTT: It's not just a color product. It's actually a hybrid of an instant root cover and volumizer.  Because the micronized powder is adhering to the hair follicle, at the root, as well as any oils in the scalp area, it gives you an enormous amount of volume. A liquid or cream wouldn't do that.

We launched it several years ago, and it's still, to this day, the number one color SKU on both networks - HSN and QVC. And what's interesting about it is that some people who bought it don't even color their hair. They just want it for the volume. You can just buy the right shade for your hair and zhush it into your scalp and really volumize. It's very versatile.

FBP: How many shades do you offer it in?

SCOTT: Now we have seven. We had six for quite some time and then, believe it or not, people were asking for gray or silver. These days, even women in their 20s are dying their hair silver, so we just launched that shade. We featured it on a "Today's Special" and it was an instant sell-out.

FBP: That's hilarious.

SCOTT: I know! Who knew?

FBP: I feel like there are three major hair challenges for chicks like us who live in Florida: The humidity, the sun and age-related thinning. To me, those are the three big buckets of issues. Would you agree?

SCOTT: For sure. 

FBP: Is it true that some women's hair actually deflates in humidity? I read that recently, and thought it didn't make a whole lot of sense. Mine puffs up like a big ol' beach ball. 

SCOTT: Well, there are two types of hair. Your type of hair - and I have that type too - absorbs all the moisture from the humidity. So the strand turns frizzy, and the hair is plumped-up. 

The other type is extremely fine, thinning, oily hair. While women with this hair type normally get some degree of volume after they shampoo, condition and blow-dry, when they walk outside into humidity, all that moisture in the air weighs it down. The hair is actually deflated, and looks almost straggly. 

FBP: So it sounds like that second group might be a good candidate for your volume paste?

SCOTT: Yes, we have a product called Volcanic Volume that's super cool. What's great about it is that you only use it where you really need it.

When you live in Florida, and you want big hair, putting a ton of product on root-to-end is actually counter-intuitive. All of that just weighs the hair down. But if you emulsify Volcanic with your fingertips, you can just kind of massage it into any area of the scalp you'd like, or underneath the hair in the back. Anywhere you want volume. And it's ridiculous - like the biggest hair you've ever seen.

FBP: It sounds like you don't need a lot of it...

SCOTT: You don't need a lot, and it maintains the integrity of the hair from the mid-shaft down. So it isn't leaving all that heavy residue on the hair, which typically weighs it down.

You mentioned the sun earlier. That's a huge issue for all of us here. We have an incredible shampoo and conditioner for that. Our clients in Florida, California and Arizona really love them. 

So here's why: We all know that the minute you walk outside into the sun, it's over - your hair starts oxidizing. And our shampoo is actually clinically proven to retain your hair color by 38 percent.

There's a huge market for shampoos and conditioners that say they're "safe for color-treated hair." And technically, that means nothing. They don't do anything to hurt your color-treated hair, but they also aren't doing anything to help your color-treated hair, either.

Our shampoo actually holds the color in your hair 38 percent longer than other shampoos. So it's really great if you live in Florida. Because if you spend money to get your hair colored, and you walk outside to go to the beach, the next day you can shampoo with this and it will help retain your color. It isn't depositing new color, it's just maintaining.

It comes in five shades.

FBP: So is this a shampoo and conditioner duo you should use a lot, or just occasionally?

SCOTT: You can use it every day. It's got incredible hydrating ingredients in it. And it's volumizing, too.

FBP: Regarding volume, would you say most women start thinning as they age? I feel like I have more hair than ever. But it's probably just humidity-driven frizz generating all that puffiness.

SCOTT: Lucky you! Because right now, there are more than 38 million women in the States with fine, thinning hair who are losing their minds over it. And I mean extreme thinning. 

Thinning happens for several reasons. The first is genes - it's hereditary. Another reason is aging, absolutely. And then the third is damage. We're extremely abusive to our hair. All the flat irons, all the curling irons - that takes its toll. So in that case - with damage - it isn't so much about actual thinning as it is the hair breaking off.

FBP: So if you see your friends trying to torture their hair into some type of texture they don't actually own in real life, do you tell them to just stop and love themselves?

SCOTT: Listen, I'm a beauty girl through and through. I buy everything. I try everything. So I get it. So no, I'm not the Hair Police with my girlfriends. I have super-curly hair and I straighten it every day.

FBP: Thank you for making time to chat with us. Rock on in Vegas!









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