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Ice Facials + CBD Massage: Two New Ways To Chill + Lower Inflammation

Ice Facials + CBD Massage: Two New Ways To Chill + Lower Inflammation

Who knew? When I took a daytime gig at Marco Island Library several months ago, I had no idea how physical the work would be. Yes, there’s an upside to all the book-shuffling I’m doing - I’ve dropped a dress size and my arms look cut, which is fantastic - but…whoa.

Combine my new-ish job with the fact that I spend a lot of my down-time at the beach. then mix-in the Florida heat, which is already raging, and I now have a genuine situation on my hands: upper-body redness, soreness and inflammation. Not optimal.

Many of my lady library patrons are also lamenting the heat, but it’s not keeping them from tennis, golf or pickleball. Which is probably a good thing. Remember, working out in the heat is awesome for us!

Recently, while planning my summer South Florida/East Coast roadtrip to correspond with a destination wedding we’re attending, I chatted with the beauty pros at Paul Labrecque’s Palm Beach outpost to schedule a visit.

They shared news about two new must-do treatments targeting inflammation and total relaxation that sound pretty great.

So I, in turn, decided to share those two treatments with you, our lovely readers:

1. Environ Ice Facial 

After 20 years working as an esthetician, first in the UK followed by PB, Cass Perez is excited about her new multi-step treatment, describing it as ideal and customizable for any skin type. 

Unlike steamy processes we’re used to for opening pores and cleansing the skin, the Environ Ice Facial uses 2” stainless-steel cryo-sticks for pressure-point massage which are kept in the fridge between appointments. 

So what’s a cryo-stick you ask? Before Perez sent me a photo, I had no idea. It seems they come in several shapes. Hers (in the photo below) look like mini-doorknobs; others look similar to Japanese soup spoons or an upside-down apostrophe. “I like ours because I can glide them easily on the skin for lymphatic drainage while treating the pressure points, especially when the mask is on,” Perez notes.

Cass’s Cryo-Sticks

Cass’s Cryo-Sticks

She swears by cryo-sticks for firming skin, eliminating dark circles and reducing puffiness. In addition to beautifying, they reportedly have draining and decongestant properties.

Cass keeps a bowl of ice-laden water handy. In between each step - the initial cleansing, mask and final sunscreen application - Perez immerses the sticks so they retain an icy-cold temperature when touching the skin. 

Perez’s products of choice are all Environ, created by Dr. Des Fernandes, a South African plastic surgeon. “Living in Florida, we’re always in the sun,” Perez says. “Vitamin A levels are diminished daily and this product line helps replenish it - targeting lines, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and other sun damage. My golf-playing clients really love it.”

For a deeper level of intel, I lifted this description from the salon’s website: “This treatment helps to activate the skin’s ability to regenerate its deeper structures to combat the signs of premature aging. The ideal summertime calming facial to replenish lipids and moisture while correcting imperfections caused by over exposure to the sun, redness, or irritation.”

Leaning in on this. 60 minutes/ $195

Next up…

2. CBD Ritual Massage

CBD curious? I am. My pal “Mary Fierce” (a nickname inspired by her championship tennis prowess and gorgeous long blond locks) swears by CBD oil to help her unwind, especially on sleepless nights.

But my first question to salon Paul Labrecque PB co-owner Brian Cantor…is this legal? 

Granted, hemp-derived CBD oils are sold over-the-counter at Florida health food stores. But as a county employee because of my library job, I’m a tad wary and the laws are changing by the minute. Working with children, I’m subjected to random drug tests.

Brian assured me yes, the oils are legal with 0% THC. However, CBD purists argue that hemp-derived CBD products are not the same as those purely derived from cannibis. 

Potato potahto. As John Lennon sang, “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” - it’s alright.

The CBD used in the salon’s treatment is described as “100% organic, hemp-derived enhanced cannabidiol oil with lidocaine and arnica extract…The benefits (of) CBD extracts are now proven to be wide-ranging...CBD has skin restorative properties, as it contains more than 20 amino acids and is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, which promote healthy, strong and youthful skin. The 1000 mg. full-spectrum formula is effective, 100% safe, relaxing and delivers multiple benefits.

At Paul Labrecque, treatment begins with saging the room to clear the energy. Next, your therapist does a consult for targeting which of your aching body parts need the most pampering.

Unlike the icy facial, pressure point massage is a no-go. Instead, think Swedish/sports/deep tissue. The massage table is heated to enhance stretching and flexibility.

Your treatment ends with a soothing cup of organic turmeric-ginger tea.

60 minutes, $190/90 minutes, $240 

To arrange, call 561.402.8207.

The salon is located in Palm Beach’s tony Royal Poinciana Plaza, which has become quite the day-tripping destination for South Floridians + East Coasters. From Pilates and a great juice bar to a plethora of one-of-a-kind boutiques and eateries, you could spend 8 hours there without getting bored.

Case in point:  Assouline’s standalone store speaks to my inner book nerd. Spending a few hours on the comfy couch going through their wares is my idea of bliss.


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