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Bronze-Up Those Lily-White "Tennis Feet" With A Dab Of Jergens + Drunk Elephant

Bronze-Up Those Lily-White "Tennis Feet" With A Dab Of Jergens + Drunk Elephant

No matter what color you are, if you spend time in the sun and aren’t plastered head-to-toe in cute UPF clothing - like from Mott50, a brand Florida Beauty Problems hearts like a mofo - you’ll get darker.

Period. End of story. I’ve yet to meet a sunscreen, be it chemical (yuck) or physical (yay) that keeps everything out. Just doesn’t happen.

Though I’m mostly Caucasian, I happen to possess a soupçon of Native American heritage, so I tan really easily. And given that I play tennis about 95x a week, and only wear sunscreen on my face and neck (please don’t send me hate mail about that), I am the hottest of hot messes right now.

Seriously, I have so many weird pale patches I look like a human checkerboard.

But the worst - by far - is my lily-white feet. Between the tennis shoes and those little socks, and all the hours I log on the court, there’s a massive shade differential between my legs and feet.

Now that’s a Florida Beauty Problem if ever there was one.

So if you’re in the same pickle as me - and btw, golfers and runners also suffer from “white feet syndrome” - you have two options: self-tanner or liquid bronzer.

About six weeks ago, when my husband and I were attending a black-tie wedding in St. Pete and I wanted to wear bare, strappy high heels with my frock, I “panic-bronzed” my white feet with Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops.

D-Bronzi is a fabulous product, and I highly recommend it. But it’s laced with vitamin D and marula oil and isn’t built for your feet. And at $36, it’s a little spendy to be slathered on a body part it isn’t intended for. So go ahead and get it, but use it on your face. A little goes a long way because it’s a “mixer,” which means it’s super-concentrated and is meant to be blended with your moisturizer or serum. Pump a few drops into your favorite face brew, and you’re good to glow.

Now that summer is basically already here in these parts (read: it’s hot as hell down here already), I need to get real about this tennis-feet sitch. So I’ve been diligently self-tanning with a tiny tube of Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer I nabbed in the travel-sizes section of CVS. They only had the Fair to Medium, so that’s what I bought. But in hindsight, that’s probably for the best. My feet are ghostly. If I dabbed on the Medium to Dark shade, it might go hideously wrong. (Let’s just say I’m not excellent at applying self-tanner.)

So the plan now is to be vigilant with the Jergens until my feet start to match my legs. Once that happens, I figure I’ll only need to self-tan like maybe once a week. I guess if I’m laying-out at the pool or beach, I could get actual color on my feet, but I rarely do that. Mostly I’m just a warm-weather workaholic vampire who runs from the tennis court back home to my office.

Because self-tanning your feet can be tricky, I’ve gathered some tips for you. Together, we’ll rid ourselves of this oh-so-pesky Florida Beauty Problem.


Self-Tanning Tips

1. Exfoliate + moisturize first: Whether you really need to get in there with a pumice stone and sand-off rough heels, or you can get by with just a bit of gritty body scrub, be sure to get rid of anything ragged that can latch on to self-tanner. Most FBP readers get regular pedicures, so for many of us, excessively rough skin is a non-issue. Still, after your little exfoliating sesh, make sure to follow-up with moisturizer so skin is dewy and ready to rumble.

2. Decide on a mitt or hands. I’m not a Mitt Girl myself, but maybe that’s because the only part of my bod I’m even considering self-tanning is my feet. Perhaps if I were covering a bit more real estate, I’d hop on the Mitt Train myself. For now, I’ll stick with my digits.

3. Use small circles rather than long swipes. By doing this, you’re less likely to wind up with streaking.

4. Go ahead and self-tan between your toes. If we were up North, this probably wouldn’t be necessary. But here in the Sunshine State, our feet will be on display for the next six months, easy.

5. Blend super-duper well around your ankles and nail-beds. These areas are magnets for “color-clumping,” which should be avoided at all costs.

6. Keep at it. Unfortunately this isn’t a “one and done” situation. For all of us who play tennis or golf regularly, or run outdoors, we’re only going to get darker in the next few months. Make sure you do maintenance self-tanning on your feet as necessary. Details, ladies! It’s all about details.


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