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Back To BodyRush Fitness, And Not A Moment Too Soon

Back To BodyRush Fitness, And Not A Moment Too Soon

A few weeks ago, while wandering through Shopapalooza, a holiday market featuring a ton of local vendors, I spotted a booth for BodyRush Fitness.

I had two choices: Run in the other direction, or put on my big-girl undies and go over and say hi to Matt Gardner, the proprietor of Bodyrush and the best - by far - personal trainer I've ever had.

Why the urge to flee? I had "drop-out" shame because I hadn't been to see him in ages. Maybe even like a year. In all honesty, his gorgeous little training studio is kind of a haul from my house, and when we took what was supposed to be a short break because of a minor surgery Matt had, I never got around to going back. 

That was stupid. Seriously. D-U-M-B.

Yes, I've been playing a lot of tennis. And yes, I've been running - sometimes even four miles at a clip. 

But I've also been eating too much, and drinking too much. And at my age, I can't really do either of those things and expect to look halfway decent. I just can't pull it off. Not if I want to feel confident and for my clothes to fit great.

So today I went back to Bodyrush. And from the second I crossed the threshold, it was all business. I asked Matt if he could take measurements and figure-out my percentage of body fat, and he obliged on both fronts. 

We didn't do that before, and while I worked really, really hard during my sessions, neither of us knew what kind of concrete results I was getting.

Was I stronger when Matt was training me? Absolutely. No question. But now I want numbers. I want to see it in writing, so I can track my progress. I'm not really heavy, but everything I wear feels tight. And I have waaaaay too much junk in the trunk. I know huge asses and thighs are really hip right now, but I don't think that applies to a woman in her frigging 50s. 

If you're super curious, you can check out all my measurements in the pic below. 

But I'll just top-line the key numbers for you, and one of them is shocking:

Height: 5'3/4"

Weight: 115.5

BMI: 22

Body Fat: 36.4 percent 

Yes, you read that right: 36.4 percent body fat. I'm like still so, so, soooooo freaked-out about that. That needs to go waaaaaaaaaaay down. No bueno, baby.

Obviously, that sky-high number is from the way I eat (which includes scarfing down anything and everything I want) and all my recent cocktailing. It's so year-round festive in Florida that it's easy to fall into the habit of a nightly glass of sparkling rosé (two on weekend nights) and that is a disaster for your figure. Not to mention the fact that excess boozing jacks up your chance of getting breast cancer

Not that it was all bad. Matt said that I hadn't lost any strength since he last trained me (thanks to a lot of half-assed weightlifting on my own), and that I'm an ectomorph, which means I have a naturally lean build. 

In other words, if I'm serious about getting in shape, the raw materials are there. 

To slim down, Matt said I need to focus on protein and veggies, and start drinking buckets of water to boost my metabolism. He didn't mention cutting back on booze, but he didn't need to; I'd already been thinking about that. 

I know Matt can whip my bod back in shape, but only if I do my part and watch what I eat and drink. I want my clothes to fit better, so I'm motivated. Also - hello - 36.4 percent body fat? That just isn't acceptable.  

Here's my scary chart. DON'T BE LIKE ME. 





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