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Oh, Florida, Florida...what're we gonna do about you? 

Don’t get us wrong – we utterly love it here. In fact, we moved here from New York City on purpose.

Still, we’ve got issues. All superficial, but issues nonetheless. Like the epic toll the Three Hs - heat, humidity and horrifying winged pests – can take on our looks. There’s also the all-important matter of “Squad Replacement.” When you’re used to Gotham-caliber beauty talent, how do you find kick-ass local replacements?

So when we (meaning St. Petersburg-based Dana and Naples resident Diana) recently reconnected after years of being out of touch up north, we instantly started hatching a plan for FloridaBeautyProblems.com. In solving our own dilemmas of a hair, makeup, skin + nails nature, we figured we could also help you, our Sunshine State sisters.

So let us do the leg work (and find the best spider-vein specialist in the process) and use our decades of industry connections to drill down to the best-of-breed products + practitioners. We’re in this together, babes.


Dana Wood,

Content Director

An escapee from Condé Nast, Dana Wood is a three-time Beauty Director for W, Cookie and Brides, and has written for numerous other national publications. She also logged several years as AVP Strategic Development in the Luxe division of L’Oréal, pinging back and forth among schmancy brands like Lancôme, Kiehl’s + Giorgio Armani. (Plus going to Paris all the time, which we don’t need to discuss right now bc it makes her super sad she doesn’t get to do that anymore…sob.) Currently, she splits her time between commercial and editorial work, and writes a lot for Insider’s Guide to Spas and Alexa, the New York Post’s extremely purty luxury fashion + beauty section. 



Diana Biederman,


For 25 years, Diana Biederman was a lifestyle publicist in New York City and initially worked with Dana in 1992 when pitching her plastic surgeon client for W mag coverage on the then-new technique of chemical peeling. She now wonders what happened to her “girlish” looks (per The New York Times) after nearly two years as a Florida resident. This self-described salon-hopper, whose biggest #FBP include bad hair days, skin spotting from incidental sun and squad replacement, resides on Isles of Capri - the semi-official ground zero of mosquito issues in Collier County.

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Contact Us: dana@floridabeautyproblems.com + diana@floridabeautyproblems.com.